Jnanaganga residential school was established in the year 2002 and located in natures cradle, 7 km from Kushalnagar and just 2 km from Harangi.

JRS, with its  unmatched infrastructure, has been providing quality education with a holistic approach  and producing students with character and all-round abilities to take on the challenges to excel in the modern world.

The Jnanaganga Education Trust (R) and the  faculty work in unison towards its cherished ideals. The clear intention is to equip students with the knowledge and proficiency requisite for creating  a niche  in  the field  of  education, in a positive way.

The past academic year has seen some of the best performances  by  our  students  both  in  the  academic, and the extracurricular activities.

Academic excellence has been attained  without  question; with  cultural, sporting  and spiritual evolution in students simultaneously progressively under the guidance of exceptional facilitators.