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“Devotion  to  duty  is  not a sacrifice, it is a justification to your   existence in this world.” -Late Alexander Menezes

I deem it a great privilege to be at the helm of affairs at Jnanaganga Residential School, one  of  the finest  institutions in  the  State. The trust  has  been  set  up  with  a vision  to  create a hub of education excellence, towards  nurturing  human   resources   and  to  provide education  for  all  the  students  who  are   in   rural  areas  near  to  Kushalnagar. The  name  and  fame,  the  school enjoys today is the result of  the  hard  work  put  in  by  a  team of dedicated and highly qualified teachers and talented students.

Teachers play a pivotal role in the personal growth and well being of the students as they expose them to  a complex  range  of skills and help them identify and develop their potential and talents.

To excel from the heights of achievements, requires  re-dedication to our ideals as an institution. A famous philosopher said “Life is a state of continued  becoming,  with  a  goal  in  front  and not behind”. How true! The time  has  come for us  – not to rest on past laurels – but to pursue  with  renewed  vigor,  newer,  higher  targets. Start  by doing what is necessary then what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Everyday brings forth new opportunities to learn more.

This   institution   has   been   committed   to   providing  high-quality education   and   a   rich  platter of knowledge and experiences to all those  who  tread  its  grounds.  Students  from  all communities and walks  of  life  mingle  within the walls of the school, accounting for a diversity of vision and atmosphere which is to be marveled at.