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Principal - JRS

Education   is   an   unending   and   ongoing  process  and  is  the  progressive  discovery  of  our  own  ignorance.We  get  to   learn something every day and our world is changededucation is such a powerful weapon.

Nestled  in  the  cradle  of  nature, the  atmosphere of Jnanaganga Residential  School  offers  a  remarkably  optimistic   campus   for   learning. ………. A home away from Home.

We  have Nine hundred and eighty students and a team of fortysix dedicated teachers to motivate the students to set their goals, fulfil their  dreams  and ensure that purposeful educational training of a high  standard  is  imparted  to our  students  and to e quip them to compete for  various careers  and  course of choice in the years to come.

We strongly believe that our school will mould our pupil into better citizens of tomorrow who would contribute positively towards ourcountry,a better living and a better tomorrow.

“With a ray of hope of transforming human being to being human”.